Hello, Goodbye…Help!

I have lost count of how many times I have moved. I’m moving soon though. I am going to BYU Idaho this Christmas for college. I am stressing a bit about it and I really want to be prepared and feel prepared. The scariest part about it all is whether or not I can take care of myself and if I can stop this bad procrastination habit of mine. I want some help with figuring out finances and handling people and emotional issues. I have one part of me saying “It won’t be as hard as it seems. Just keep yourself busy, find a good paying job, keep up with the work load of school and find some good friends.” the other saying “Holy crap!!! Will you be able to find friends or keep up with school? Maybe you won’t find a job that pays well or that won’t give you the time you need to have a social life.”

Other than that, I am excited for college and will enjoy college life…Maybe!




I sometimes feel as if my life is abstract and my dreams are reality. I know that sounds kind of weird, but everything in my dreams make sense yet they really don’t. It is all real confusing, but it just makes sense. I wonder sometimes how real our dreams are or can become. Take for example, when we dream about something that really, at some point, happens in our lives. Maybe dreaming of a college campus that we will sometime visit in life or dreaming of a person that we will one day meet. It’s interesting how much we can be influenced by our dreams.

What is so special about the U.S. Army Special Forces aka Green Beret?

These guys are the ultimate warriors of the 21st Century. They are trained to do their job with precision and accuracy. To really see how tough and lethal they are though, we have to learn more about the Green Berets and their History.

Traveling in 12 men “A-Teams”, these guys will go into a hostile country to fight in unconventional warfare, in which they use guerrilla tactics, all the way to Counter-Terrorism. They were started during the war in Vietnam by President JFK and US Army Colonel Aaron Bank. There Motto is “De Oppresso Liber” or To Free the Oppressed.

These men are not only trained to kill but also to help others with any problems such as delivering babies (I know its kinda crazy), pulling teeth, stopping any conflicts, etc. These men are more than just Warriors. They’re Doctors, Dentists, Police, etc.

They aren’t there to cause pain or hard ache. They’re job is to Free the Oppressed.



Procrastination. I am afraid that I will procrastinate all my school work and not get it done. And I do it all the time.

I have procrastinated since I was put into the public school system in 7th grade. I thought that public school would be like a walk in the park just like Home School, but I was 100% wrong.

The hardest part about school for me is the Home Work. It doesn’t make sense why we should have it until my mom re-tells me why, but then I choose to forget. I don’t really forget though, I just decide that walking around my house would be fun.

In the end though, it is not the procrastination I fear… It’s the end result of the procrastination.


very #different

indyI don’t know. I think that being yourself is the best way to be different. I like, to be like others really.

When I was younger, the person I looked up to in a way was Indiana Jones. I was, and still am, fascinated by him and the adventures he goes on. The main connections between me and him were:

  1. Adventure (definitely)
  2. Love for women (obviously)
  3. History Buff (yesss)
  4. Christianity (amen)

Basically I had someone on the TV who had the same interests as me and I thought maybe being like him will get me on TV or into Archaeology. Of course though, none of those are actually as cool as they first sounded to me.

I have no clue what was really different about this post, but I guess its cool.

Wolf Spire

The cousin of mine,

The world’s greatest,

The one and only, (drumroll)

[ERROR can’t pronounce name],

The Native American princess,

Daughter of long forgotten chiefs,

With spirit animal of the Deer,

And the given name of Unicorn, (Ironic isn’t it?)

In all honesty,

this isn’t nobody,

this is somebody,

a good friend,

a relative,

beyond my age and years,

my cousin Sam Greengrass. (Gingras) There is creativity in this.