All these faces we see at school all have feelings, struggles, and stories. Some people just don’t want to be judged so they hide who they are. They want to hide what is really going on. But that is not everyone. 

Personally I think that you can have a smiling face everyday. That doesn’t mean that you have to hide who you really are or show it though. That is your choice. I believe every human on earth was born happy no matter the circumstance. 

You might be going through something hard like divorce, loss of a loved one, illness, school, etc. Some of these things seem too hard to even stay positive about. It requires a lot of effort to stay positive. Yet good always overcomes evil and it is never the other way around.

Positivity can change everything. Positivity doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t cry or can’t suffer. It just means you have resilience and find the good in every situation. Like I said it’s very hard, but it’s achievable. I believe anyone can achieve anything if they have the right desires in life. 


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