School…I love it.

I just have to say school really really really is a pain in the butt, but I’m really glad that I have it in my life. 

Without School I’d just be laying around my house all day trying to figure out my purpose. I would probably not be trying anything new or getting out and being active. I really appreciate it in my life. 

The hardest part about school is that I have to try hard or else, my future will most likely be ruined. I could totally write a blog on how I hate school but I want to write one on how I’ve learned so much throughout it. 

Schools taught me how to be resilient when I’ve been bullied. It has taught me to stay disciplined and not procrastinate (which I am still learning at the moment). It has taught me how to be socially active. I could go on about all the good things school has done for me. But all I can say in one word about school is FIGHT. 

Not fighting school or fighting in school but fighting yourself. Fighting that voice in your head that tells you to give up or that you’re worthless. School is just there to help you learn how to be successful. I believe that school is a factory yet being in school can help you be independent and have that desire to be free from the control others. In other words school is good.


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