The Lego brick is one of the most popular toys ever made. What makes it unique from other toys is that it creates Innovation and creativity. It inspires kids to think for themselves and to solve problems. There are so many people who know about the popular toy but so few who know the story behind it.

It starts like this. There was a danish carpenter named Ole Christensen. He was running a carpentry business that was failing. He came to the point where he needed to fire all of his employees. As his business shut down he fell into despair yet his wife told him that it couldn’t get any worse. Well it actually did. His own wife died. Yet Ole was the type of person who wouldn’t give up. 

He decided to take his Workshop and build wood toys for his sons and sell the toys. Selling these toys would teach his four Sons how to become businessmen. At one point a wholesaler heard about his toys and placed a big order for them. Yet later on after making all these toys, Ole found out that the wholesaler went bankrupt and had to take back the order. So then Ole had to go back to selling the toys. Many of the people home he tried to sell to couldn’t pay him the money but traded him food to which he was grateful for.

One day Ole went to Copenhagen to look at a new machine that could mold plastic. He was given a sample of  one of the molds  which was a brick. Being very fascinated by this machine he bought it. After buying the machine, he started making plastic teddy bears and rattles to sell but something about the brick got him thinking that he could build with the brick. He redesigned the toy and put it into production. It didn’t get popular though till they released the Ferguson tractor.

 After years of the business going through ups and downs, they eventually succeeded in becoming one of the most popular toy brands ever. This is not just the story of Lego but a story of resilience and not giving up. Being A Brick.


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