Dear Phone,

You are a Metallic being,

Your skin glistens in the sun,

When I look into your screen,

All your pixels glow,

You’re sexy and you know,

I MEAN YOUR CODING IS SURREAL! (nevermind that sexy bit)


I’m sorry you can’t swim,

You know it is real fun to do.

I mean you would go through a system failure,

So that is not for you:). LOL

I do have some questions, though.

How many humans have you fallen for?

VALID QUESTION? I think it is.

How many have you not crashed on?

How smoothly did you move for them?

Respond ASAP,

Arvrick Ash






One thought on “Phone

  1. I like how your picture is a comic. It made me want to read the rest of the post because of the picture. I think it’s funny that you’re writing a letter of sort to your phone!


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