Hello everyone my name is Arvrick. One thing you should know about me first of all is I love my Music. I love many genres from Rock to Rap and from Country to Classical. If I had a song that described me best, nothing could even be close to describing me. I like the music that just reminds me to live life and that even in hard times, you just got to persevere through them and not just fall into despair. Even songs that are about nothing but having fun are really cool.

The other thing I love is nature. I know every human would die without nature but I think, if you could die-hard, I’d be one of those humans to die the hardest. Some of my favorite spots in nature to visit are Hayden’s Valley in Yellowstone, Jenny Lake in the Grand Tetons, Goblin Valley in southern Utah and a Secret Trail in AF Canyon Utah. I would really love to visit the Alps and Norway in Europe, all of Asia, Alaska and the Middle East. The thing I really want to see though is The Auroras. Other than Mountains and some Animals, I can’t think of anything in Nature more majestic than seeing the Auroras. I would have the time of my life if I could, in the future, go to watch the Northern Lights with my Wife, once I find her, and my Kids, once I have them.

I also have an unstoppable desire to learn. It is a passion of mine and I think it’s a gift too. I specifically love learning about People and History and mainly why certain things happen to People and in History. It can teach us so much on how to deal with certain issues today and that is why they are an interest of mine.

One thing that sums it all up though is the faith that I have in God. Whatever God’s will is for me, is what comes first in my life. I know that if I follow what God tells me to do, I will be a happier person.

There’s so much more about who I am that I could only post blogs every once in a while about it. So I guess WELCOME!


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